The warehouse

Two generations of the family Donat- Jullian have succeeded and have changed the tool from the packing house to Calades From a small family-grader 80s, capacity and volume of apples have made switch the installation to modernity. More demands, more efficiency, more speed, today we work our 9 varieties from August to December, flexibly and independently through our own grading.

Since 2012 BRC certification came to mark the work quality of the packaging team.

The apple season runs from August to December. About 20 people to coordinate and divide tasks between packaging, palletizing, strapping, order picking, handling and forklift drivers.

Packaging used are mostly wooden trays, 50 * 30 with 1 row or 2. But for some commands, it frequently happens that the plastic or cardboard are also used. The major part of the conditioned space being sold in Francethe sales program is updated regularly according to the types of orders fulfilled. We have acquired as the years great responsiveness and rigor in our work in the expedition.